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Focus. Responsibility. Input. Analytical. Futuristic.

I’m a Spartan alumna with a B.S. in Agribusiness Management. Currently employed as the Communication Director at the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee, with a photography business on the side… then there’s the farm.

At True Vision Genetics, we raise showpigs and club calves, doing our best to help youth develop a passion for the industry that has given us so much. Who is “us,” you ask? In November 2012, I became engaged to my significant other of 3+ years. We’re planning the wedding for September of 2014 – and no, there will not be livestock present.

I like to bake, read books, and watch movies that I nearly always fall asleep during.  I prefer dresses over pants, and I honestly believe that if you cut me open you’d find diet coke instead of blood.  I was raised on a farm where girls work hard too, and have a profound love and passion for the agricultural industry, blue corduroy, and Steno pads.


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