Some days you just can’t win.

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July 2, 2014 by olivere7

I’m going to hop up on my soapbox for a minute here and address something that has been bothering me for quite some time.

Kevin and I are continually running into friends, family, etc. that make comments like “Oh, we haven’t seen you in forever!” or “you don’t make time for us!” I hope that no one actually intends it this way, but it comes across as slightly hurtful. Contrary to popular belief, we really do try our hardest.

Since I graduated college and accepted my full time job and Kevin has taken a full time position of his own, we have struggled to make time for EACH OTHER. By making a commitment that we would remedy that situation with the wedding approaching, we try our hardest to keep our weekends open to spend time with each other. Work and other activities often mean we don’t get home until after dark during the weekdays and are both (awake) in the house MAYBE ten minutes each morning.

We have struggled to maintain our  identities as individuals even as we grow together as a couple. That translates to each of us maintaining involvement with our shared passion – livestock – as well as our individual passions: coaching high school wrestling (Kevin) and coaching FFA competition teams (Me). Joining a church has also been a tremendous step toward building a weekly routine that gives us some “Us” time… with Jesus too 🙂

We’re always willing to host dinner dates or game nights at our home. In fact, we generally try to have a get-together at our house at least twice a year with friends and once with family. We have an open door policy as far as all that goes, so come visit!

Please, don’t be offended if you invite us somewhere and we decline due to other commitments, or because we simply want a few days to spend at home. Things get chaotic with both sides of each of our families within 20 miles of where we live, and the tug-of-war gets exhausting. We can’t make everyone happy all the time. It’s not because we don’t love you – we do. We just can’t lose ourselves in that process.

With that, you can find the soundtrack of my day here.

Peace, love, and I can’t wait to see you all at the wedding. Invitations will be in the mail soon!


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