So God made a farmer


February 4, 2013 by olivere7

I’ve loved Paul Harvey’s “So God made a farmer” poem since I first heard it as a junior high FFA member. With that said, I have mixed feelings about the Dodge commercial.

The ad was beyond effective, tugging at viewers’ heartstrings and showing our industry in a soft, romantic light. Additionally, it prompts people to support the National FFA, an organization that I strongly believe in. What I dislike is the side effect, the social media response that I’ve witnessed from farmers with comments like, “See! This is what we’ve been trying to tell you,” and, “Don’t forget who grows your food.”

I’m proud of my agricultural roots, and that my chosen path will allow me to make a difference in the world, however small. I’m proud of my friends and partners in this industry, and I understand the frustration that stems from consumer misunderstanding. But let’s not take the gift of the Dodge commercial and make it a weapon. No one appreciates condescension, and “waging war” on what we often view as consumer misinformation is not the answer.

Start a conversation. Explain how and why we do what we do. Show a friend Dodge Trucks’ “So God made a farmer” commercial.

But please, don’t make me a martyr to prove your point.


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