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December 5, 2012 by olivere7

Here is a snapshot of my evening.


Actually, it’s a snapshot of how I’ve spent the last few evenings. And a projection of the majority of next week as well.

Although MSU’s final exam week doesn’t officially start until next Monday, my lovely, caring… downright sadistic professors decided to do me a solid (yeah, right) and spread mine out over two weeks.

Joy to the world.

Sure, it’s nice that my exams aren’t stacked on top of each other, but it’s also extremely inconvenient. You see, I usually put the rest of my life (work, meetings, etc.) on hold for finals week. Not so much for finals-week-number-one-of-two.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time in the library, and learning a lot of useful things. Allow me to regale you with my newfound knowledge:

Lessons from the Library, Installment I:

1. “So the next morning, I realized that Adderall and Tequila like, don’t mix.”

2. “Screw this class. I’m going to be a stripper. Stripper’s don’t need calculus.

3. (phone conversation:) “Dude I’m on the 3rd floor, by the doors with the red stop signs that say ‘alarm will sound.’ Just don’t open the doors – the alarm really does sound!”

4. “Yes, you will be judged if you wear your snuggie to the study group tomorrow night.”

5. “My Asian math professor is so hard to understand. It’s like she’s from a different country or something.”

Disclaimer: all previous quotes were from unknown (to me) and/or unseen sources (I hang out in a cubicle). Credit for the aforementioned goes to Randoms of the Library on 12/3/12 and 12/5/12.


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