Line jumpers, ninja shoppers and random acts of kindness

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November 29, 2012 by olivere7

Last week I went Black Friday shopping with my best friend Marquee.

For those that ask why anyone would want to risk life, limb and sanity by braving the crowds of Flint stores in the middle of the night; I love shopping. I’m also on the strict budget of a poor college student, yet pride myself on being an awesome gift-giver.

Basically, I refuse to pay full retail price for anything.

So, Marquee and I waited for two hours outside Kohl’s for the midnight opening, and actually ended up being around the 10th person mark in line. The wait was actually pretty nice – it gave us the chance to catch up on some things and gossip about some others.

In true Black Friday fashion as midnight neared, so did the line jumpers. In an attempt to forgo the line of loyal, hard-core shoppers like us, masses of people crowded near the doors to try to force their way in. As the doors opened and we power-walked to the items we were after, I looked back and witnessed a largish man face palming a line jumper while yelling (think deep baritone here):

“NO! You go to the BACK of the line!”

I wish we had had more time to laugh about it.

Similar to many other shoppers, we entered the store with a strategy. Since I was after several of the big-ticket, highly advertised and heavily discounted items, we completed my shopping first. Once my list was completed, I staked out a spot in the checkout line while Mar finished her shopping.

While waiting, I witnessed intensity from another shopper that amazed me.

A rather petite woman removed a men’s dress tie (one of the specials) from a box, tied it around her head ninja-style, forced her way back into the racks, and continued shopping.

Whoa. Shit just got real.

Fortunately, Mar returned to the front of the store shortly thereafter, and we were able to check out before throwing stars made an appearance.

The amazing thing is that even in crowded aisles, knocked over displays and cart crashes, the majority of Black Friday shoppers were extremely polite. We actually witnessed a warm-fuzzy moment outside the store when a 30-something woman returned to her car in order to offer a chair to the elderly lady waiting alone ahead of us.

‘Tis the season.


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